Disability Insurance

Let us give you the Long and the Short of it.

Short term or Long Term disability coverage can sometimes determine whether the lights stay on in the home of a sick or injured employee. It can also be less costly than most may expect. If you have known anyone who sustained an injury or sickness that prevented them from working, then you know that there is no substitute for a check coming in when you need it the most and can’t provide for yourself or your family.

We offer a variety of disability options for Federal Employees, Civilians, Individuals, and families.

Individual or family coverage

Guaranteed renewable with benefit flexibility and affordable premiums designed to help you meet the needs of middle income consumers, whether sold individually or as part of an employer benefits program:

  • Accident Only Disability
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Business Overhead Expense (BOE)*


Federal Employee Disability

Disability Coverage Exclusive to Federal and Postal Employees
Life Insurance that may help during a severe disability

Life Insurance that can include disability coverage

Sometimes disability can be packaged with life Insurance plans. We work with carriers who offer benefits with and in addition to life insurance plans. Often this choice is very cost efficient while the benefit is not reduced or changed.