Medicare Plans

What are some of my Choices?

When it comes to Medicare options there are several to choose from. Medicare has 4 basic parts A, B, C, D.  Knowing how it all works can be complicated when it comes to choosing the right plan to cover your individual needs. Do I stay on my Federal Health Plan after retirement?

Do I enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan?

Do I enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan?


As healthcare costs continue to rise and dollars in retirement remain the same, having a plan that works with your budget is crucial. Connect with us to speak with one of our Medicare Plan Specialists.

What are these Medicare Advantage plans that I keep hearing about on TV and reading about in the mail? Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) are plans that cover the same services as Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance). These plans can also include prescription drug coverage (Part D) and may offer extra coverage, such as vision and hearing care, dental services and wellness programs.

If you are turning 65 soon and/or are eligible for a Special Needs plan (including Medicaid eligibility), you may qualify for a Medicare Advantage Plan today! Everyone's healthcare needs are not the same, so choosing the right plan can make all the difference.                       Call us today to discuss.